I can do without the gigantic letter that periodically appears to the right of the list when browsing through the Artists list, if anything it’s more of a distraction, maybe in time they will get rid of that or have a setting for it, who knows. Most relevant reviews See all reviews. So there’s more money to shell out as well as I need to get a hard case or protector for the screen. Beautiful Microsoft, just awesome. Audio Player Accessories for Zune The feature for which I purchased the Zune was its video potentialthe screen is large, beautiful and crisp. Third, the games that comes with the player are fun to play.

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Whether you are at work, at a store, in your house, or on a walk, you zun automatically see all the Zune players around you. When you need to load up content to the Zune, simply connect it to your computer; it will automatically detect your existing media files from iTunes or Windows Media Player and import them.

Microsoft Zune 30 Pink ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player

Great Media Player Microsoft’s Zune is my first digital media player and I am glad to say that I am quite pleased with it’s features. The FM plug-in transmitter works okay in the car and look forward to getting a new car with an 300 plug. Bill Gates Paul Allen.

MOV is a Quicktime video gif. I decided to give Zunes a try after my 8th ipod had broken and the fact that this was half the price.


In addition to storing your favorite tunes, you can also store pictures and videos. Show More Show Less.

Microsoft Zune 30 Black (30 GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

Who could go wrong with that?? Product Key Features Storage Capacity. No movies or TV shows are available to download currently as well. If there is one thing I can say it a dislike, would be it does not allow you to download saved Itunes, which if you have already bought them, you should own them and now be restricted zhne downloading them on another system.

Zune 30 – Wikipedia

The video was also extremely clear and the sound through my headphones wa s great. Unfortunately Zune has a very similar program that syncs zune to pc but was not a deal breaker because the zune program works on the same file formats as media player.

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The video screen is quite a bit larger than both the Zen and IPOD video, but is just as crisp and clear. If you want to improve the Zune’s functionality, it also supports various accessories from a remote device to a docking station. With a storage capacity of 30GB, the Zune 30 has enough room in its hard drive to store up to 7, songs, 25, pictures, or hours of videos.

You can even set a picture to be your background, similar to an actual PC. We love the fact that you can put any music on it, and not held to Itunes. Can zuune songs wirelessly, FM Tuner, easy to use, stream media to XBoxdecent battery life, bright screen, good software.


The firmware on the 30 gig Zune needed to be updated upon completion of the install of the software. I wouldn’t recommended it for someone who has bought a lot of their music via the itunes store because you will not ggi able to use it unless you burn it all to a CD and reload it. I’m sure it was something I did to cause it to shut off, like pushing too many buttons at the time, oops. Version 1 to version 3. My husband was content with 03, I didn’t hear any complaints atleast.

Though I dont like the black one much. For a better experience, you can 03 slide shows while you are listening or tilt the Zune on its side to enable the landscape mode for videos or pictures.

It does a good job of sorting everything out automatically, but you can rearrange inside the Zune software. And with the wireless connectivity, you can share full-length tracks, playlists, and pictures directly between Zunes as long as they are within 30 feet of each other.

Microsoft Zune 30 White (30 GB) Digital Media Player

Any Condition Any Condition. Also, it can be kinda hard to find Podcasts and non-music related material if you have alot of music stored on the unit. This actually my second 30 GB Zune. I have one and love it.