An FTP archive can be found at here. Our approach to tech recycling allows us to utilize perfectly good products that would otherwise head to the landfill. Ethernet Ethernet adapters vary greatly in performance. Also, check the Linux Parallel Port support pages for more information here. New versions of this document

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There are various compatibility problems with audio CD playing utilities. This is an audio-only module for the SGI O2 workstation. For more acermzgic about Linux and laptops, the following sites are good starting points. Cards were pulled from working machines.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this document over the years. Basically IDE over a much smaller cable.

Network adapters 48 They work with kernels 2. A driver for kernels 2.

Acer Sound / Audio Drivers Download

This is a universal scanner interface. It’s fun and easy and everyone wins. To solve, update BIOS to version 1. I don’t know if he wrote the first version, but in Ed Carp was maintaining it.


Sound Cards (Internal) in Brand:Acer, Socket Type:LGA /Socket H | eBay

Joysticks Joysticks are now supported as input devices in the new Linux console project. More refinements More refinements Fax modems need appropriated fax software to operate.

The package can be found at xcdroast. This can be found at here.

More information on handheld scanners can be found at here Many scanners also have their own, scanner specific, software packages which include drivers.

Acfrmagic printer listing from linuxprinting. DVD drives 59 Also, reading video CD is supported in kernel series 2.

For models and seperate drivers are availavble. It spontaneously reboots while probing hardware.

A new protocol for controlling mass storage devices similar to SCSI protocols. Delivery Options see all. Generic 8 bit XT controllers also work. If you have this problem, when you add more than 64 Mb of memory you have to add the following line to your LILO configuration file: An exception to this is the Linux efax program which supports both Class 1 and Class 2 fax modems.


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Thanks to Rick Moen for prompting this revision with various updates and suggestions. Here is another old-school ISA sound card from the s. Personally, I think hardware that hasn’t been available for more than 5 years or so can safely be removed. Tracking these proprietary drivers is beyond the scope of this document. Also, some multiport boards will use or or various other multiport or multifunction chips from National or other suppliers generally in a dense package soldered to the board, not a 40 pin DIP.