Butterfly valves shall be sized for modulating service at 60 – 70 degree stem rotation. Valves with spring return actuators shall close off against 50 psi pressure differential with Class III leakage 0. Samples may be viewed at the operator’s workstation. Schedule editor shall support drag-n-drop events and holidays onto the schedule calendar. Use the AZW to meet the requirement of this section.

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Override time countdown shall be automatic, but may be reset to zero by occupant from the sensor. Display energy log information in standard engineering units.

Our clients appreciate knowing aledton is someone there to help throughout planning, installation and uusb. Sheet metal collars inch minimum shall bring each damper section out of the wall to allow direct shaft-mounting of the actuator on the side of the collar. Stored records shall be appended with new sample data, allowing records to be accumulated. Analog outputs with bit resolution shall support either VDC or mA.

Dynamic point information and menu label pushbuttons may be mixed on the same display to allow sub-displays to exist for each item.

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Control wiring shall not be installed in power circuit raceways. Programming tool shall be provided with system and shall be the same tool that is used to program the building controller.


Warranty shall apply equally to both hardware and software. Delete for other projects. User lockout after “x” failed attempts, where “x” is adjustable by the administrator.

Command Line Access

System displays shall show analog and binary object types within the system. Update based upon project. The strength of the wireless signal shall be indicated at the wireless sensor to aid in placement and trouble shooting. The maximum acceptable response time to provide this service at the site shall be 24 hours, Monday through Friday and 48 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Provide duct temperature sensor at discharge of each VAV box aalerton is connected to controller for reporting back to operator’s workstation.

Provide as-built documentation, operator’s terminal software, diagrams, and other associated project operational documentation such as technical manuals on approved media, the sum total of which accurately represents the final system.


Configuration and point data shall be stored on board transceiver in Flash Memory. The advanced workstation is to be specified when utilizing Compass Software v1.

Defined as any electrical variable output. Provide miscellaneous devices, hardware, software, interconnections, installation, and programming required to ensure a complete operating system in accordance with the sequences of operation and point schedules. All information on any display shall be dynamically updated without any action by the user.

Alarm log shall be provided for alarm viewing. AWS shall be able to change trendlog setup information. Operation of system shall stay completely online during graphing operations. Data shall be shown in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly formats. Software tools necessary for programming shall be provided as part of project software.


Web interface shall display alarms as they occur. AWS shall be able to display the status of each and every load shed program.

A low battery indication shall be signaled to the controller prior to the battery being exhausted. Implement the detailed design for analog and binary objects, system databases, graphic displays, logs, and management reports based on control descriptions, logic drawings, configuration data, and bid documents.

BTL Listing of Tested Products

A user activity report shall show any and activity of the users alertkn have logged in to the system, regardless of whether those changes were made using a browser or through the BAS workstation. Controller shall also include support and modifiable programming for interface to intelligent room sensor.

Wiring shall be installed neatly and professionally, in accordance with Specification Division 16 and national, state and local electrical codes.