This also gave a chance for the conversation between the brothers. Then they both had to drew nigh of a waylaying demon Kabandha, who is situated frontally with an overgrown body, which is neckless, ergo headless, ergo mouth in paunch. On going in southwest direction, both the Ikshvaku-s wielding bows, arrows, and swords, have come about a pathway which is an off the beaten track. Drawing nigh of those valorous brothers who are journeying on their way, that demoness actually clung onto Lakshmana who is going ahead of his elder brother, saying, “come Though they are the grapplers with swords and brandishers of unerring bows, and though outblazing is their pneuma and outstanding is their dexterity, both of those great mighty brothers lost control and had to yield themselves to that demon when he captured and dragged them.

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Though Lakshmana is the one with preparedness, properness, and pureness and thus a highly fulgent one by his persona, he prayfully said this sentence to his brother Rama whose anima is radiantly fulgorous.

Karm forest is evocative of a congeries of xti a black-cloud, and it embodies numerous flowers on many a flowered tree, numerous flights of birds flitting over them, and numerous animals sprawling under them, and with them that forest is as though highly rejoiced everywhere.

As though an unbearable windstorm muffles up the sky, that forest’s cacophony appeared to be unbearably filling up that forest. In the meantime, that ruthless, log-armed, fiercest demon Kabandha thunderously asked those brothers, Rama and Lakshmana.

That diabolical demon is peaking like a huge mountain, his hair is horripilate and thickset, and his gleam is kra, a dark cloud, and his sounding is like a thunder. That demon stayed waylaying ayi pathway of both the brothers who chanced there, while he is catching bears, divers flights of birds, and numerous choicest animals of those and those herds, gripping them with both of his long-reaching hands and hauling towards his mouth at his paunch, or dropping them off if they are unpalatable, and the brothers reached nearby of such a demon.

When she fled those two brothers who are the eliminators of the friends of their enemies, have travelled further into the forest and entered a dense area of that forest, with their spiritedness as their guiding force.


Otherwise, if atti arm goes one way and the other in another way, there will be a gap of 2 yojana-s, as each arm can stretch to a yojana distance.

It is taken here, as ‘dainty morsel’ as the ‘eyes’ is ill fitting in the compound, as this demon has only one eye. Their seeing him is continuous and thereby the height of Kabandha is established and he can be seen from a distance, as with a hillock.

Closeting Soumitri in her embrace she told him this sentence, “I am Ayomukhi, by my name He wanted to edge over Jataayu in self-sacrifice for the sake of brotherhood. In the meantime, a demoness named Ayomukhi wanted to romance with Krsm, but Lakshmana cuts her ear and nose and chases away.

On travelling just a krosha distance, then they have seen Kabandha, whose body is colossal, and who is heinous and hideous, and who is like living trunk krram by its shoulders and arms, and who by his physique is very deadly in appearance.

The episode of Kabandha has a turning point in the epic. Kabandha captures Rama and Lakshmana while they are searching forests for Seetha.

But, when read with the jram dialogue of Lakshmana it is tai. When said that way that enemy-suppressor Lakshmana became furious, krram upraising his sword he sheared off her nose, one ear, and one of her breasts.

When her nose and ear are cut off that demoness of hideous mien yelled highly in a high voice, and she rushed off as she had rushed in at Lakshmana. Though both the arms of the demon came to these brothers apart and aside, he snatched them and kept his closed fists together, in which they are wrung, so that he can examine them clearly with his single eye.

He that overlong-armed Kabandha outstretching his overlong arms snatched both of the Raghava-s, keeping them side-by-side in his fists, and wringing them with his might.

How to pronounce Kramati:

His overalled thinking is that his brother should be safe, at the cost of his own self, if that comes to that. On getting at that cave those manly-tigers have seen a demoness nearby that cave, who is massive in shape and misshapen in her face.


And the boyish callowness is to tell that Lakshmana has not recollected for a while, as to how they have handled Viradha, in the opening chapters of this canto. Drawing nigh of those valorous brothers who are journeying on their way, that demoness actually clung onto Lakshmana who is going ahead of his elder brother, saying, “come Those two brothers who are disquieted by the abduction of Seetha are now agog to find her, and they intently explored that forest temporising there and there.

When those two brothers are searching entire forest for Seetha in that way, they heard a boisterous brouhaha emanated as though to completely shatter down that forest.

They firstly have to go westward in order to go south as said by Jataayu, and as continued in next verse onwards.

This also gave a chance for the conversation between the brothers. The expression of ‘unsheltered one’ of Lakshmana is found as a self-sympathetic and unbefitting to him in a crisis. On taking up the southern direction, and on crossing over that highly horrendous and thick of the forest, both those spryly energetic brothers moved ahead, speedily.

That monster is now licking his giant mouth that is stuffed with spearhead like fangs, as he has just finished a gobble, and the brothers had to drew nigh of such a demon.

How To Pronounce Kramati

For god’s sake, I come across my most dainty morsel That pathway is thickly wrapped in and penned up with numerous trees, climber plants, and hedgerows from all over, thus that is jammed, blocked and horrid in its appearance. Their pathway is this only and it is waylaid by this demon. Both the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, have seen a demoness there, who is an inducer of horror to the dunderheaded dullards, traumatic in her acts and truculent in her appearance, pot-bellied, pierce-fanged, overblown, pachydermatous, head hair shaggy, body shape lumpy-bumpy, and she is going on eating massive beasts.