Whenever I try to enable direct at the resolution of the monitor, it always reports it needs more memory. Direct rendering, however, according to glxinfo is OFF. I will answer any questions you may have about anything in these instructions. If you want, you can help me Second, your card is different then what I’ve got, so my troubleshooting can only go so far.

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Hope it’ll help you a bit further I changed it after I posted my xorg I think it might be your installation have you messed around with it? Yes”, then your all set.

ATI Mobility Radeon M6-P – Graphics and GPU Programming –

ATI client glx version string: Good rafeon solutions seem to raceon Intel GMA and, of course, nVidia chips although the nForce boards should not be used with nVidia graphics chips under Linux. Yeah, had heard that I just didn’t want to do a full distribution upgrade for and alpha distribution. I have also an ati mobility radeon m9but same as chip as in my HP nx Updating display base addresses Could you link me?


I’ll keep looking over the stuff you’ve posted now and see what I can figure out. I did have to drop down to bit, but that’s okay.

While you wait, try commenting out different options in xorg. My time’s being zapped horribly.

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You can downgrade, but that mobiliyy definately NOT recommended! Thanks a lot, Javi. When I have time I’ll scan through the last few pages of this thread for anyone I’ve forgotten. Please note that you must make a copy of the log when you see the login screen with your 3D configuration, and not after you reboot! This HOWTO is completely based on my limited experience, so I am open to suggestions about different situations that may come up!

Run the following commands to shut X down safely: I modified the xorg. The driver is indeed set to “radeon”, Here you can find my current xorg. Type in the following commands: On a clean install of edgy the radeon driver is activated as default! Thought Beryl is complaining a bit: Device is in legacy mode, falling back to 2. Do you have some other suggestions, and do you think this would fix my problem with my radeon M9 see above? Ah, so it’s possible to get XGL on this card! It could be you messed something up in your xorg.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a screen twice as big so that you could have the two windows side by side? Clipping of transformed windows is not going to be radepn when screen is transformed.

Run the following commands to install the missing whatnot: This will reduce screen quality not too much, though. I booted from Mandrake One live cd and had 3d rendering working 1st time and it looks lie their using the open source ATI. GeForce FX Go