The UI will show a short message as to why a specific step fails. Give it a shot and report your findings back to this thread so that I have a chance to fix it. Select the “Properties” of “My Computer” to check if your Windows system is bit or bit system. The best way to assist is to post a logcat from your Mediapad. When running your App it tells me on the second step:

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Are you a developer? Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 8 1 2 3 Last. This is currently the only driver in the app.

Your 24 or 12 bits must be unique within your organization, which will require coordination among all the users of your organization’s OUI or IAB.

If you do not know the transceiver chip in the adapter, then chances are that it might be the wrong one. That is, a 3. OS X versions You have got your Mediapad with you and would like to surf a bit in the Internet. No, abdroid depends on the real requirement of your AXA target application.

High-speed stability of Micro USB 2.0 nic 3 mouth HUB android OTG AX88772A ULC14

I second your attitude. After downloading, simply double-click on the. I have a router and no need to dial to connect when I’m connecting from PC password is saved in the router.


Please note, I don’t own such a device and thus can’t testify if it is working correctly or not.

If you have any problems with this, please contact us at support plugable. If you have a modified kernel such as bart’s one, then this App won’t work for you. This recognize the adapter but it give an error which said that that application could not download the right driver could anybday helpme. What this means to you is some Apps from the Market that need Internet access may work, unfortunately many Apps don’t seem to work e.

Try my app and if it works, cool, if not, please come back and I might find a solution to your problem. Please visit Mentor Graphics’ web site http: In order to run this App successfully you need to have the ‘su’ binary installed on your Mediapad, i.

Plugable USB2-E/USB2-OTGE Drivers (AX chip set) – Plugable

If you have an adapter that uses a different controller chip, please contact me via this forum or write a PN. You need to have a router that has DHCP enabled.

This can avoid your end customers from downloading the standard AXA driver from the ASIX website which may not be axx88772a with your device drivers. You must have a non-modified Linux kernel on your Mediapad!


Yes, every Ethernet device must have a unique MAC address. Just try it once again and if anything goes wrong, note down the error message.

Why qx88772a one need such an App? You must first have an OUI or an IAB, to which you then append 24 or 12 bits respectively, in a way that makes the resulting bit number unique.

USB-to-Ethernet Helper App

However, our Mediapad does not support Internet-by-Ethernet-adapter right out of the box Installing SU means rooting the pad. Currently my device got only Bluetooth, wifi and mobile network no Ethernet though.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. If you know a good source pls help! This should be the device I bought it in germany where it is distributed by LogiLink: Davicom DM and QFbased devices added. If androoid wish to pre-install drivers before your adapter arrives, just download and run the utility from the link below:.