While it may work, for the best performance and comparability, we always recommend basic no extra software or drivers required , wired mice and keyboards. I tried drawing some schematics to help you understand my problem. I use win7 x64 ultimate on both computers. Shares one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between computers Shares one set of speakers between computers Connects instantly to notebook computers Supports PC and Mac notebook and desktop computers Features a 2-color LED that indicates which computer Flip is accessing Includes 2 cables to connect computers Installs in 3 easy steps with no software required Belkin F1DGU Package Includes: Unfortunately, this Flip KVM does not natively support “hotkey” switching by keyboard command.

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Thank you for your inquiry. It should be a 3v button style battery located in the remote.

For your convenience here is a link to the manual for this device. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. I tried drawing some schematics to help you understand my problem. Just wondering if there is at least a quicker resolution than doing all that every time I switch very often. Depending on your particular environment, there could be many reasons why you are not getting the expected resolution.


That being said, here are a few thoughts. When I turn on computer 1 with monitors A and B, dual monitor works fine.

Contact information can be found here: Sometimes you can use the HUB ports on a KVM if they are available, but that eliminates the ability to use any hotkey functionality. At one point in time there was a software package that could be installed to add support for “hotkey” switching, but we could no longer locate the install file or support for the optional software.

Brand New out of the box.

Unfortunately, this product does not fully support Belkon 7 and it does not appear that a firmware upgrade is forthcoming. I have Windows 7 and Windows 8, which apparently will not be supported by this product, I have found a product that claims that with this driver upgrade it will work.

F1DGW – Belkin Flip, 2 Port Wireless USB KVM Switch with Audio

For further assistance, please contact Belkin directly. We typically suggest a higher quality KVM manufacture when attempting this solution. Belkin states that the F1DGW is compatible with the following operating systems: Depending on the particular setup, it may work with Windows 8. Remove From My Forums. This KVM switch is great for connecting your old and new desktop windods, giving you instant access to files, programs, and games on both computers.


This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Will this product support a wireless mouse and keyboard?

Belkin Flip 2 Port USB KVM Switch with Audio

Windows 7 IT Pro. So I contacted their support staff to see if they can answer my question before belkiin new hardware. Wednesday, October 19, Thank you very much. I have older Mac mini and windows vista. Unfortunately, detailed product support is beyond the scope of this FAQ. Windows 7 User Interface. Thank you for your inquiry. Maybe a desktop shortcut to “detect”?

Thursday, April 19, 4: Is there any warranty? If so, it issue may be related to Ivm switch. How do you use keyboard commands with this KVM switch Answer: