True, it is not Sumo or Monster loud but anyone who is used to a Ping driver will be pretty shocked at that they hear. Il have it on in a week and get out for a round or two and post back to let you know what its like Shane 7 years ago. Nick 7 years ago. The NV’s a firm shaft but not that firm – unless you prefer the feel of a softer shaft.

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If all golfers were engineers Ping would be the number one selling drivers on the market.

Ping TFC 169 Shafts

You currently have javascript disabled. I am a huge traditionalist. I must vent, i have been a ping customer for at least 10 years.

A G15…admittedly not nearly as much so. I really like the club and it is longer than my G10 but I may have to look for another option just because it is annoying having to worry about it. g220

Nathan 3 shart ago. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here. As a matter of fact, I have one on the way to me as I write this. Also tried the 3 wood and loved it also. I went in for a fitting, as Ping always encourages with all their clubs, and found that even the TFC Tour Stiff shaft seemed to generate a little too much spin.


The Ping G20 is one of them. Beaver Creek Resort Keystone Resort. Want to hide sahft ad?

Golf, on the other hand has books written about appropriate behavior on the course. The only reason that people go for the other brands and not PING is because there marketing is not as large as the other major brands, because there privately owned and dont feel as much pressure to advertise there sgaft as much as Bset, and especially Callaway and Taylormade.

This is why I am asking the question about Porject X shafts, as if there is a very close match to the Ping CFS then I may benefit from a superir shaft So you see, JB is just trying to cut to the chase here and make bes realize that your shafts should be correct for you. That being said…the Rapture and the G10 I also had the G10 were pretty damn neutral and good g02 for former world number 1 Lee Westwood.

That is probably the right thing to do. I admit to having a Ping bias as I think they have always had a game improvement slant for us hackers 15 H. This G20 will be in my bag for a while, I think. Of the 4 missed fairways; 2 were just barely misses, 1 was wide but playable and 1 was the unfortunate results of a really bad swing.

My project X shaft is pinv in my driver for me.

Ping G20 driver shaft types – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

My Saturday group all ofr a little fun at me until it came time to divide the money after the round. Couple that with the elongated clubface, and you couldn’t have a more confidence-inspiring look at address. Golf pundits predicting the demise of the game because of its difficulty, cost, slow play and time required often ignore another factor that I believe intimidates the novice: Thinking of making a trade for a Pijg for my alpha.


Ping just made driving the ball easier The one club that most amateurs struggle with is the driver. Deciding on shaft for Ping G20 driver Started by cobragolfSep 29 CFS shafts would be more comparable to dynamic golds and not really at all similar to Project X. I ordered the G20 in a 9. Broke my K15 scaring a squirrel off my bag. Stock options shavt a high- or low-launch PING TFC F graphite shaft, meaning, in our case, we might have been better off using a higher-launch shaft to get the ball higher and land softer.

I found this G20 at the ahaft golf course here for bucks…should i make the trade or not???