To participate you need to register. No external power supply. This would not be possible using serial programming. The new Kit software V also fixed some bugs in the previous V release. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. This is also in the User Interface download.

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Wewill sort j150 the problem in the next User Interface release. Thank you for uploading them by the way!! Then change the 4. I will also update my profile as I would like to start up a local electronics group for support help and build projects as a collective.

Help identifying strange capacitor terminal style Started by Killians Yesterday at An ordinary 40 pin IC socket is supplied with the kit. Choice of pin wide-slot ZIF socket or ordinary 40 pin 0.

Cheap ebay stuff, K150 programmer

The programmer was working previously on an k510 laptop running windows xp. Thank you Les for replying to my last post. You must log in or register to reply here. The solution is to add three 3K3 resistors as shown here. No program’s installed that could even open them ,let alone install anything. With the schottky diode, the VDD load of the product itself is ignored by the programmer while programming.


Both were frequency meters. These resistors will be added in the next PCB production of these boards. Get the latest version from here.

Your compiler does not place: So it looks like there are files missing. There were some initiatives to bring this programmer to other than Windows platforms – searching k50 K I found this sitepointing to this unavailable site.

The BIG advantage of Kit is that all the intelligence is in firmware on board the kit. Not even in a format the computer recognises,never mind has a program to open. As it is only the firmware for the project after all. If files are missing wouldn’t matter if I did know how to install.

TSK ICSP PIC Programming

Before many effort I fix com port problem but I have big problem now. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I will try what you suggested and advise you in due course. If you left click it tries to display it as a text file.


No external power dij. Fragmented hex files can choke any serial programming software not expecting it. This program corrects the Hex file so MicroPro can take it. Colin hoof Member Feb 16, Cheap ebay stuff, K programmer jaromir. This is also in the User Interface download. I do appreciate all your help and comment but grow tired of the unproductive nature of my work.

Easier than using Hyperterminal.