Much of the code has already been written for you in the sample driver. You take a snapshot of the machine, install the printer for real! But I can’t generate the found new hardware wizard that gets popped up when we attach a printer device. You can learn more about the security technologies Apriorit develops for varios projects. For allowed applications, all requests should be redirected to another decrypted file, which is located elsewhere on the drive. Encryption is the process in which data plaintext is translated into something that appears to be random and meaningless ciphertext.

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I am doing something similar to yours. It happens because in case of file mapping application gets access directly to section of cache, where the file view is. Home Library Learn Downloads Forums.

File Encryption Driver Development with per Process Access Restriction

Dave Kreskowiak Dec The filter APIs expose the interfaces to the client application which can easily monitor or control the filter driver. Thus, minifilter cannot encrtption file mapping operations.

This will result in a solution that provides transparent encryption of file system selective objects. What is the larger problem that you’re trying to solve?

Hardware & Devices

Use a tool, like Total Uninstall, to watch the changes that are made to the machine. Thus, while reading data in the same user session, some applications will receive decrypted data, and other — encrypted one.


In hooks it is necessary to implement particular logic for forbidden applications working with filemapping. Good Luck, -David Delaune. Thus, there will always be decrypted data in all applications and cache, and there will always be an encrypted data in the file on a drive.

What if I try an usb input device like a pen drive instead of printer. Printer driver querry Deepu Antony Dec 3: If there is no target data in the cache, then at first this data is placed to the cache, and encryptioj the file system returns it to the application.

For all FileObjects, minifilyer for the specific file, this context is the only one, and it can be received via any FileObject. The debug and trace module.

Decryption is the process in which the ciphertext is converted back to plaintext. Deepu Antony Dec 3: No matter what you do, people will say that what you did was idiotic. Morality is indistinguishable from social proscription.

Encryption and Decryption in Minifilter Driver – Hardware & Devices Discussion Boards – CodeProject

In this case, both applications have access to the same file view in cache. Thus, after Paging IO reading, data is moved to cache, and after Paging IO writing, data is written directly to the file on the encrption. The EeaseFilter APIs is the component to communicate between client application and the filter driver.

A hardware requirement for what??


Since the driver collects data from another file on the logical drive, it should include logic that opens this file when open miniiflter comes from application and keeps this file opened until close request comes to the driver. For an easier handling of the encrypted file, header is usually added. Send Buffer from driver to Application Randor Dec The folks that host the site, have a toolkit for this problem that they charge a large amount for, it actually is worth it.

Intrusion detection, firewalls and private networks are traditional methods in information security. This driver is a virtual volume device, thus, it should be mounted just like a volume device.

EaseFilter -Transparent File System Encryption Filter Driver SDK

Per-file context is related to the FCB structure in the file system encryption driver, and as this structure exists until any opened FileObject exists, than the context does too. File system driver can be improved minifilyer that the processing of every requested operation is performed in the user mode service.

That interface won’t do you any good since you don’t really have any driver to install in the proper way.