Limited to 5 items. US domestic shipping is included. After years of testing and sourcing, reliable manufacturing processes have been finalized. Share this project Done. You will receive a handboard that we are making with leftovers from the surfboard and skateboard production. Some of the challenges we face will be up-scaling production from prototyping into full production capabilities.

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This skatedeck mimi come also in all 10 different color options. We will create the mold for you and we manufacture the first 10 decks for free. Hydroflex – Hi-Tech Composite Skateboards.

LOST BEACH LEECH – Mini-Cruiser Deck Only ” – Skateboards & Longboards & Cruisers

Limited to 50 items. That would mean a lot to to us.

Estimated delivery Feb All boards will be hand painted and will feature a different painting in the style seen above. Choose from 10 different color options. Lost Beach Leech complete by one of most popular surfboard shapers these days: With that said, every new product launch has risks and challenges. All the decks feature reinforcements around the rails that help with impact forces.


The deck features an integrated tail and nose protector. Cruise the world with the brand new Hydroflex Mini Cruiser. Lost Enterprises to bring you a branded You are signed up to receive backer only updates on our progress.

Comes with transparent griptape. The Beach Leech is a retro shape Mini Cruiser with a perfect kick-tail for tight cruising turns and pulling tricks. For US domestic shipping is included. We also have teamed up with You can send us a CAD file or work together with our engineer, David Hyddoflex to create your ideal deck.

Our riders have been doing some gnarly tricks on them at the local skateparks. Oceanside, CA Product Design. We have come to Kickstarter at the last stages of our product’s launch which is almost ready.

The deck features integrated tail and nose protectors. One of the coolest and most intriguing elements of our skateboards is the unique deck – a signature honeycomb pattern enhanced with radiating customizable colors that evoke an eye catching effect. Deck only comes with transparent griptape.


Lost Hydroflex Round Nose Fish

Ships to Anywhere hyrroflex the world. You can place your logo on it. Share this project Done. The breaking strength of our boards is also equal to or better than a wood deck.

LOST BEACH LEECH – Mini-Cruiser Deck Only 30.5″

You will be placed on our mailing list – hear about all of the cool things we are planning and future updates. A little concave allows you to do flips and whatever else you want to do.

Check out the FAQ. Due to the production process, the color intensity is unique in every board, making your board your very own.

The Crilla is a micro cruiser that fits in your backpack: Oct 3, – Nov 2, 30 days.