So I tried all of this setup and actually it works. See our Sustainability Report. Similar Questions Can the SD reader be adapted to work with the iPad 1 and 3 or is there a card reader for the older iPads? I’d rather buy a second iPad and swap devices out when the battery gets too low. Give consumers the option to use the gear of their choice.

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Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. I use hi-end external converters costing thousands and I don’t want the converters in these all-in-one-iOS devices. Answer now can this be used to connect an appogee Jam 1 Answer can this be used to connect an appogee Jam Similar Questions can this be used to connect an appogee Jam.

Similar Questions Can I use this ush with usb headphones to listen to music on my iPhone 7.

Similar Questions Can I connect this to an iPad and connect a wireless keyboard to the usb port? I have this question too. If you ask about latency I would like to make some measurements. How-ToNewsstandTop stories Tagged: Sign In or Register to comment. Answer now will this work with iOS 12 and hook up to midi device.


Answer now Can you plug in a usb flash drive to any of the apple “lightning to” devices? Keyboard and SD card reader in the studio. This hardrive is USB 3. Can I use this adapter with usb headphones to listen to music on my iPhone 7 Asked by Jennifer W from Mesa Jun 5, Flag as inappropriate Can I use this adapter with usb headphones to listen to music on my iPhone 7.

To do it, you need a dongle.

We do have some similar information to share with you. Second-gen Apple TV hits 1 million sales.

No answers yet Similar Questions Can I use the adapter to transfer documents to my iPad off a flash drive? Always happy to hear how it goes. Favorite to match your iPhone, which you can have black, silver, gold, and rose-gold. Message 3 of 4.

iConnect midi & USB hub

November edited November It has now charging ability. Categories Discussions Activity Sign In. You shouldn’t see much latency when routing MIDI.

Adding stuff is easy and right out of the box you should be able to just plug everything in and it should talk to everything else connected. I dont know what to do, becouse i need Raw pictures and i cant get them with Wifi.


At the End of the day, the whole thing its a bit like everything else. In Ableton I can set everything up. If anybody can name some tools for that, I’d appreciate it.

Questions about Lightning to USB Camera Adapter – Apple

Answer now Can I open documents from a flash drive with the lightning to usb camera adapter? APP features with a human touch. I bought the drive list above and had the same problem – the drive is not recognized by the EMC Storage Manager – even though it says backwards compatible usv USB 2.

No further settings are needed. Which i would even be willing to wait and pay for it.