There is only one company in the US, Brush Wellman, who are experts with making beryllium. When Meyer was using JBL components, they would only accept out of a hundred delivered. Mistick Krewe Registered User. Comb filtering gives un even coverage, something that you can not hear in one spot. Send a private message to duron tarik. The time now is

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Keep in mind that JBL products for the most part these days are Asian imports, either in whole or the components. Hi, Here is a link for further information. It is encouraging to see some decent product. The pix are long gone from my website so I need to look for them though. Last edited by soundmanshorty: Im usin the z Quote: Why do they sound better?

JBL Professional 2435HPL Compression Driver Beryllium Diaphragm Neo Magnet

I’ve looked at the JBL Pro site and it shows a “wave guide” horn. I have NO idea how to calculate the flair of a horn to work with a compression driver and I do hope someone out there is willing to help. Page 1 of 4.


Last edited by pbellsound: Allen Last edited by allen: That equates out to a distance of 8. That is if they are discontinued. You may want to search yourself.

JBL Professional HPL Compression Driver Beryllium Diaphragm Neo Magnet | eBay

April 22, Find all posts by pbellsound. Find all posts by soundmanshorty.

I’ve seen those pictures and wondered how that setup worked with out getting alot of comb filtering. Send a private message to soundmanshorty. I might be wrong though.

The label is rubbed off there. Thank you for answering the wave length question for me, I did’nt know that formula.

The time now is Getting Hz is going to be a real problem due to horn length. Originally Posted 2435hp der geile ami What do you not like about the sound? What should you pay street price for one of these new. I modified some ‘s for a 1.

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If this is the same model, then it will be very expensive. To use them on PT Waveguides, which are constant directivity, you’d likely be abandoning the L94 lens. Earl, I was thinking of taking a 1.


This system is begyllium as one of the harshest rigs out there. From that driver and another I tried on the Selenium horn this seems to be a nice horn from its on axis frequency response. Talk to ya later, Steve G. This is a function of higher flux density and less flux variation. I’ll have a look at the other threads and see if it can safely play down that far.