This forum is for you. To find chipsets used in other cards, see this list of WLAN cards. You can scan either from the command line with scanimage use scanimage –help for command line options or rom GIMP. Are there any other distros I could try? The situation is additionally complicated by the fact that vendors often use the same product name for hardware that appears the same externally but uses different internal chipsets and software drivers.

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Automatically detected and enabled, but lots of timeout and link beat loss error messages in syslog.

Mark Alford’s Fedora 7 GNU/Linux on an IBM Thinkpad 600E

Wireless network pc card instant wireless series 44 pages. Note that you need the gcc 3. Epson Perfection usb 0x04b8 0x Scanner Permissions: This book contains many real life examples derived from pdm100 author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

The fix above should solve this, but on line of xscanimage.

You can scan either from the command line libksys scanimage use scanimage –help for command line options or rom GIMP. Lists information about devices connected to the internal PCI busses. I’m going to aquire a second, identical except for the CF card laptop on monday, we’ll see what I can do with that. Contemporary hardware marketing lifecycles are extremely short so most of this devices listed here are no longer available new.


Version 2 uses the Atmel chipset see atmelwlandriver.

Compaq LTE Elite 4/75C

And now it improved about KB to about 1. Often the messages indicate the name of a device file associated with the ,inksys that can be used for further configuration.

USB Mass Storage support registered. Linux – Laptop and Netbook Having a problem installing or configuring Linux on your laptop? This site also hosts a message board that may be helpful if you have installation problems. Share your knowledge at the LQ Wiki. Hardware vendors often chose proprietary protocols over standard protocols and occasionally supply firmware with drivers, making it difficult or impossible to support the hardware without manufacturer cooperation.

If, like me, you normally use the monochrome cartridge, make sure to change the Color Mode to “Normal Grayscale” or the machine will attempt to do three passes in black, giving a nasty looking printout. To locate device drivers, which may be included on setup disks, and setup instructions for Linux and other freeware OSes, see the support pages and FAQ files on the Linksys website at www.

You will have to get a new kernel and new raw modules. No additional configuration should be necessary other than plugging the camera into the USB port. Other popular items of the shopitems on sale Go to Shop. Download the Windoze Driver: Diagnostic Utilities One of the virtues and drawbacks of using an linu system oriented towards pck100 is that you are less hidden from the technical details of your computer than you are under Windoze or the Mac GUI.


One particularly annoying thing is that Fedora insists on a 4k stack kernel, which breaks the ndiswrapper way of using the Windows drivers for wireless cards.

The cdrecord command is only necessary for a diagnostic list of the drive by SCSI number, and may not work. Glorfindel Ars Praefectus Registered: Note that version 2 of this device uses a different, unsupported chip. There is a break in the sequence of options use in the iscan epkowa.


Given the age of these devices and the potential for incompatibility with new media, I would vociferously dissuade you from using this hardware to write. If you need to get a copy from the website, you will need two packages: However, older hardware can be found on e-bay and in millions of closets around the world.

Assuming you are linksyx an access point, modprobing the driver module should connect to the network and activate the wlan0 interface.

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