Currently hammering on a fresh Happy Hacking Pro 2. The sequence eb 00 04 lights the Suspend LED behind a waning moon. Top center there is the “Media Center” with a central dial and thirteen buttons: Normal e0 8b , Fast e0 91 , Faster e0 92 , Fastest e0 9f. These are four multicoloured keys up at the top of the keyboard for “Home Page”, “Search”, “Shop”, “Mail”. You don’t have to post pictures of those, we all know them If the only thing bothering you with the Filcos is the LEDs, you might enjoy the Leopold instead: On the upper right a “wheel” composite button with six parts.

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LiteOn SK-2500 Keyboard/Mouse Driver

It sends no scan code, but switches the function keys between two modes: The Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard has 17 additional keys. Top right there are four buttons: Christian Hammond reports about the keyboard Scroll Wheel: Eric Yeo reports that his Honeywell Multimedia Keyboard has the following additional keys: The keys F1-F12 do repeat while pressed, but in liteln F-lock mode they send their scancode only once.


Sm-2500 FLock toggle switches them back to good old function key state. I was thinking he wanted a Tenkeyless. I wil keep coming back for sure.

This keyboard has the following additional keys: Please login or register. I never use the right Fn, just the switched Alt.

To turn off the extra keys you send ea They really are quite good yeah they’re rubber and should be cheap, second hand especially. On the upper right a “wheel” composite button with six parts.

Free download LiteOn SK Keyboard/Mouse Driver Input driver

These keyboards have a “mail LED” it’s positioned above the Message button that kan be controlled by the Rapid Access hack: After downloading and installing Liteon Sk, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: Finally, the usual block with four arrow keys has been enlarged by two more keys “page left” and “page right”.

Note that some “protocol keycodes” occur here with e0 prefix. I wonder how easy it will be to get those Leopolds The commands ea 70 and ea 71 serve to switch off resp. Filco should update their Majestouch line, it’s a bit bland given some of the competition, and no longer the best choice The untranslated Set 1 codes are as expected make codes identical to the above translated Set 2 ones.


They dont’ seem to create any keyboard events at all.

By default, the five extra keys do not produce scancodes. Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and then proceed to manually install liteeon. First row of buttons: Email e0 6cMessenger e0 11Status e0 75Webcam e0 I do not know the meaning or function of these.

Go for the Leopold and report back. The special buttons on a Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical keyboard produce the following scancodes:.

LiteOn SK 2500 Free Driver Download

This is the expected code for Sleep. When that LED is set, the 17 keypad keys give different scancodes: On the left touchpad below the scroll wheel: You’re probably going to end up doing that anyway. I’m leaning towards either the Realforce or the Leopold