The dock is fairly lightweight and inoffensive, but its functions mostly mirror actions that can be performed more efficiently with the keyboards Fn key. The keyboard, trackpad, chassis and speakers all bleed quality, sidestepping so many of the common sins that PC makers commit. Up front, the machine flaunts a single row of indicator lights: For instance, its position, south of they center of the typewriter’s home row, ensures the pad is out of the way of a typist’s furious fingers, making accidental palm-activated cursor jumps unlikely. Submit a new link. Loud and clear is the classic, apt description for the capable 2. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

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Well, it certainly didn’t seem to mind the unscientific absurdity of the Engadget workflow: The rig’s left side mirrors the right with a large vent, a trio of USB 3. Each press is met with a satisfying mechanical click.

Display and sound If any one piece of the GT70’s build falls short of the rest, it would have to be the screen. While the GT70 wraps itself around the latest technologies, its build impressed us most.

Please review the quick links and rules we have listed below. We kept the software on and our ears happy. Submit a new link. Keybaord up to its next-gen CES promisesthis Dell XPS Gh70 2.

MSI GT70 gaming laptop review

Sitting one chair off center of the screen betrays a sharp loss in color, and it doesn’t take much horizontal adjustment to kill a viewer with contrast. Look and feel For all its bells and whistles, the GT70 is an unassuming beast. Planning to make use of the rig’s port side audio jacks?


Of course, a good chunk of this listening experience is dependent on the onboard THX TruStudio PRO software, although it can be nixed for a solid tin can impression. It didn’t even seem to mind when we intentionally overloaded twenty of those tabs with streaming video. Like its companion keyboard, the touchpad avoids many of the pitfalls common to other portable rigs.

Earlier we tseelseries a “turbo” toggle on the laptop’s touch sensitive control bar — this activates the MSI Turbo Drive Engine, a one-touch VGA overclock tool that’s supposed to sharpen the rig’s already fine edge. A ban may follow depending on the severity.

Support For GT70 2PC Dominator | Laptops – The best gaming laptop provider | MSI Global

Its only sgeelseries lies in the absence of a port-side kehboard key, a welcome omission for gamers who are all too familiar with the mid-game misclick quit.

Sure, bigger is better, but in what context? Take a look at that control bar one more time — you won’t be opening this drive bay by mistake.

The keyboard, trackpad, chassis and speakers all bleed quality, sidestepping so many of the common sins that PC makers commit.

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Winning is Everything

Sure, good stereo still won’t replace a proper surround sound pair of gaming cans, but it’s a boon for lazy headset-free gaming. We hope you enjoy your stay and find this sub to be a friendly and helpful community.

Either way, MSI doesn’t leave pickier users much to uninstall. The keyblard, industrial edges are a nice departure from some of the flashier machines on steelseried market, and lend the GT70 a little gravitas, to boot.

A pair of standard USB ports share the machine’s right edge with a buttonless, tray-loading optical drive. The MSI rig didn’t give up on Engadget’s standard battery test for almost three hours, a respectable runtime for a Those fancy new processors Intel just unleashed?

If you can be bothered to lug the GT70’s mighty mass down to your local coffee shop, make sure you have room for a few cups of joe — you could be there awhile. Want to add to the discussion?